Katonvie - Stories You Can Wear

The name Katonvie draws inspiration from combining two essential words, both in Javanese and French. ‘Katon’ means to appear, to be seen and visible whereas ‘Vie’ is life, the period between birth and death. When combined, ‘Katonvie’ form as a word that means ‘to be alive’. 

Katonvie is an Indonesian fashion brand specializing in luxury multifunctional scarves. We aim to bring a fine collection of timeless and quality items that exceeds  your expectations. From scarves for fashion purpose, to religious or collectibles and more, this is the story of Katonvie.

Local Fashion Technology

Expect luxe & flawless results with 100% back-to-back accuracy and intricacy. Find precision in matching patterns and details from each collection. Locally made, globally coveted - only at Katonvie.

The Art of Storytelling

Just as there are two sides to every story, our double-sided scarves tell in-depth narratives from different personalities. In crafting each piece in a specific collection, we collaborate with individuals from various backgrounds - unique, talented and special in their own ways.

Katonvie works closely with designers,  illustrators, story-tellers and other inspiring figures, extracting their stories and imprinting the essence into a fine piece of fabric. Our collections emphasize on certain messages and ideas, making each Katonvie scarf a soulful, rich and worthy addition to your wardrobe.