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    Perdu Melati, Puspa Bangsa

    The breeze carries a soul-soothing scent, caressing the heart with pure intention.
    • Material: Natural fabric double oxford
    • Measurement: 110 x 110 cm
    • Packaging: Ecofriendly paperbag
    • Cozy and Cool
    Inspired by white jasmine - Jasminum Sambac- as the nation’s floral symbol, the shrubs represent purity and affection. White jasmine has always been present as a part of our traditions, whether in ceremonial forms or more, as a way to convey beauty beyond appearance that calms and moves us all.
    • Dry Clean = Dry Clean Only
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    Mega Mendung

    A soft and nurturing heart is essential in life’s voyage.
    • Material: Natural fabric double oxford
    • Measurement: 110 x 110 cm
    • Packaging: Ecofriendly paperbag
    • Cozy and Cool
    Illustrating successions of white clouds, adjoined from one end to another, Mega Mendung tells a whole story of life process - from birth, growth, death and afterlife.
    The artistic pattern from Cirebon is also symbolic to fertility and the essence of life with a heavy influence from early Chinese as well as Tariqah ideology in Nusantara. This is depicted in the wave-like background, depicting its coming to the Java shore. Overall, this is a piece of Katonvie X Itang Yunasz that is deep as it is soothing.
    • Dry Clean = Dry Clean Only

Sartorially-Focused Luxury Scarves

At Katonvie, a scarf/hijab is never just another piece of fabric. Through precise double-sided printed technique on a lustrous yet environmentally friendly fabric, each piece of Katonvie scarf delivers a story about appreciation of history, beauty, sophistication and sustainability. 

  • The Art of Storytelling

    Just as there are two sides to every story, our double-sided scarves tell in-depth narratives from different personalities. Hear their tales, listen to their messages- all through the wonder of Katonvie.

  • Locally Made, Globally Coveted

    As an Indonesian brand, we’re proud to be the pioneer in fashion printing technology, particularly in duplex (double-sided) technique with luxe & flawless details.

  • Sustainability Mission

    Using natural materials - viscose & silk - to craft multifunction scarves ( Hijab, outerwear, accessories, etc), Katonvie is committed to an enthusiastic eco-friendly approach for the sake of mother earth.

Collaborating Partner Itang Yunasz

Itang Yunasz is a senior Indonesia fashion designer whose career began 40 years ago. He pioneered the genre of hijab fashion in 2000, which at the time was limited to a small selection of standard tunic styles.

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